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SDS Documents in the Tamiment Library, NYU

NYU Tamiment Library includes paper documents indexed at the following sites:

Printed Ephemera Collection (PE 035)
SDS records (TAM 024)
James Zarichny Collection (TAM 517.1)
Robert Bender Collection (TAM 409)

Also: See In the Search box, type in your search terms (Students for a Democratic Society, etc. This will bring up all guides that contain these terms and you can then see if the collections they describe contain significant materials on SDS. The foregoing refers to manuscript collections, which also includes photographs and collections of leaflets and other ephemeral materials known as “PE” (Printed Ephemera) collections. (Ignore records that start with "Publications Relating to..." as these items have been absorbed into archival collections but the records in BobCat have not yet been deleted.) Select Tamiment/Wagner in the left sidebar to see the items in the collections. Most  of this is print material, not digital.

Search Archival Finding aids to find processed archival and photo collections, at . There will be some overlap with the BobCat search, but not all of the archival collections have records in BobCat, so it is worth searching in both places. Put the full name of the organization in quotes and click search. If a collection abstract sounds promising, click on "show occurrences" to see where the term appears in the finding aid.  To see the full document, click on the title. Note that some collections are stored offsite and advance notice is required to retrieve boxes. The finding aids and the full collections list ( will indicate offsite locations.

To search Tamiment’s book, magazine, periodical, pamphlet, and other printed materials collections, take a look at the page of research guides available on

To look for specific titles, search NYU Libraries’ general catalog, but you can limit it to items in Tamiment. Go to the “Find Resources” menu on the left-hand side of the page, click on “Bobcat Standard.” This should bring you to the Search by Keyword(s) option.  Before typing in search terms, click on “Limit this keyword search and under location choose “NYU Bobst Tamiment.” Then go back and type in search terms. All of this shows you what resources Tamiment has, but to actually look through them, you need to visit Tamiment (or send someone on your behalf).


An extensive SDS archive resides on paper and microfilm at the Wisconsin State Historical Society. None of it has been digitized.

Other locations where some SDS documents are lodged:
   U Mass Amherst
   U of Michigan Library, Labadie Collection
   UC Berkeley library
Southern California Library (an independent progressive library in south-central LA)
Center for the Study of Political Graphics, LA

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