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Princeton                December 2013

To members/leaders of Princeton's SDS,

I have recently created a discussion group on Tiger Net (the alumni network) in order to facilitate discussion and record your memories of SDS at Princeton. It is my hope that reading from other members, alums, and even students from different generations might help to create a more vivid, complete and accurate historical account of this group's short-lived but tremendous contribution to Princeton history.

Here is the link to Tiger Net:

Once you log in, simply click 'Discussion Groups' on the left and search for 'Students for a Democratic Society.'  Adding the group is relatively straightforward from there.

I do welcome each of you to join and take a look, as well as to invite others who you think might be interested.

I'll be writing an inaugural post to outline some of the questions, thoughts and assumptions (correct or incorrect) that I have about SDS as a starting point for discussion.  However please feel free to start posting anything that you believe might be relevant to the group!

Best Regards, Alex Verdegem '14

P.S. Again, inviting others is more than welcome. In fact, I would be greatly appreciative if you did contact other members or students and helped spread the word.