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New Left Notes index

Contents of New Left Notes first 12 issues (January - April 1966)
Jim Russell, editor

Unsigned articles were the responsibility of the editor.

January 21, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 1)

Paul Booth, National Program Outlined at Dec. National Council for Coming Months

Carol Stevens, SDS Re-examined at Dec. Conference

Tom Hayden, Report from the North

Carol Oglesby, Liberalism and the Corporate State

Chapter News:  Chicago, Oklahoma


Letters:  MB, Milton Cohen

January 28, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 2)

Chapter News:  Fast at Bryn Mawr (Margaret Levi), Antioch (Jane Rosenthal), Syracuse, New Jersey (Helen Garvy), Chicago Region (Greg Kaslo), NY Region (Sarah Murphy), SF Region (Ken McEldowney)

Paul Booth, Nat’l Secretary’s Report

Eric Chester, History of the Ann Arbor Sit-in

San Francisco Regional Newsletter, December Conference Impressions

National Office Financial Report

Radical Education Project

Letters: Cesar Chavez, Helen Garvy, Arthur I. Waskow


February 4, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 3)

Paul Booth, Nat’l Secretary’s Report:  The movement, the public and the bombings

Judy Kissinger, National Administrative Committee Minutes

Mike Davis, Southern Calif. Chapter reports

Todd Gitlin, Notes on the Pathology of the National Council

Guy Loftman, Another December Conference View

Reaction to bombings: Lake Forest and the State, Conviction at Ann Arbor, South readies for protest

Welfare Victory

Regional Conferences:   Michigan, New York

New Chapters

Letters:  Paul Booth, On peace politics; anon. On mental hospitals; Steve Weissman, Strategy; Sen. Ernest Gruening, On conscripts; Don McKelvey, At-large chapters; Sidney Lens, Participatory Democracy.


February 11, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 4)

New Jersey correspondent, Engelfinger Demonstration Set for 17th

Paul Booth, Berkeley Moving Again

Paul Booth, National Secretary’s Report

Rich Berkowitz, Food Strike Successful (Univ. of Illinois, Chicago Circle)

JOIN Community Newsletter, JOIN Office Gutted by Fire

Joan and Jay Mandle, Penn Free University Started

Todd Gitlin, Notes on the Pathology of the National Council, part 2

Christopher Z. Hobson and Paul Booth, The Economics of Apartheid

Tom Condit, Recent Publications on South Africa

National Office Financial Report

National Council Ballot

Current Literature List

Anti-War VISTAs Organizing

Sly Tactics at Harvard

Trustees Ban SDS speakers (Chapel Hill, NC)

Ball Picketed at Northwestern

Police Stop Viet Meeting (Milwaukee)


February 18, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 5)

Jeff Shero, SSOC Conference: Report on Southern Activity

Jeff Jones, Michigan Regional Conference

SDS Regional Office, M2M Dissolves

Carolyn Craven, San Francisco Regional Report

News release, VISTA Anti-war March Planned

Margaret Levi, Bryn Mawr: Evaluation of a Fast

Mike Klare, High School Organizing: New NYC Group Growing

Victoria J. Gray, Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, Air Base Invaded by Poor People

Paul Booth, National Secretary’s Report

Jim Russell, National Administrative Committee Minutes

Letters: Al Haber, Reply to Gitlin; Steve Max, Lens didleywack; Stephen Kaufman, New SDS document; Allan Greene, Leaders in SDS; Mother Mary Alice Gallin

Meet Your Local CIA Recruiter

2 suspended at Gainesville

South protest small


February 25, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 6)

Paul Booth, Engelfinger Met by 350

Paul Booth, National Secretary’s Report

Late Regional and Chapter News: San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Albuquerque (from TomPuckett), Austin, Stanford, JOIN Chicago


March 4, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 7)

Thomas Good, San Jose demonstration

News release, Fast for peace at Wesleyan

Carol Glassman, Newark Community Union Project proposal for community center

Lucien Cross, Free speech at the U. of Florida

Jim Masters, U. of Kansas

James Wallihan, 250 picket Taylor at Indiana

Jeff Shero, Travel report:  Tulsa, SSOC, SNCC

Paul Booth, National Secretary’s Report

National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam, March 25-26 International Days of Protest


March 11, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 8)

Ken McEldowney, Dubois Club Persecution Repulses SDS

Ken Kantro and Darrel Hubbs, Maine Students Support Strikers

National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam, Days of Protest

National Office of SDS Press Releases: DuBois Club Persecution, Freedom Draft; Jailing of Soviet writers Sinyavsky and Daniel

Newark Community Union Project, Prospectus for Poor People’s Radio Station

Paul Booth, National Secretary’s Report

Letters:  Peter and Stevie Freedman, Reply to Haber; Todd Gitlin, Reply to Haber; SDS San Diego Steering Committee, Soviet writers; Steve Max; Jim Russell, Reply to Steve Max

Announcements:  John McDermott, A Profile of Vietnamese History; San Francisco Mime Troupe show, A Minstrel Show or Civil Rights in a Cracker Barrel, seeking engagements


March 18, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 9)

Say No to the War Mar. 25-26

Freedom Draft Ready to Go

Lee Webb, National Council Issues Outlined

5500 Members!  151 Chapters!

Chapter news:  Ann Arbor, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Delano, Chapel Hill, Chicago, San Diego

Norm Potter, Grape Strike Report Number 1

Lee Webb, National Administrative Committee Minutes

Letters: Melva Fager, Northwestern SDS chapter, concern about Gus Hall invitation to SDS; Jonathan Steinberg, reponse to Helen Garvy

Announcement of National Workshop on Chapter Programming andSkills


March 25, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 10)

Grape Strikers Begin Peregrinacion

Cesar E. Chavez, Peregrinacion, Penitencia, Revolucion

John Maher, SANE Voters’ Pledge Conservative, Inadequate

Regional and Chapter News:  Detroit, Lincoln, Middletown, CT, Flushing, Lincoln, Chicago, Boston,.

Photo from San Francisco Mime Troupe, Civil Rights in a Cracker Barrel

Al Haber, Radical Education Project—Draft for Discussion and Comment

Paul Booth, National Secretary’s Report

Lee Webb, National Administrative Committee Minutes

Letters:  Marc Rosenberg

Announcement of National Council Meeting at Antioch College


April 1, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 11)

100,000 Turn Out for Days of Protest:  Berkeley, fasts, International, East Lansing, Flushing, Houston, Lafayette

Paul Booth, National Secretary’s Report:  Hayden and Lynd to Outline Summer Project

Staff, Call for Financial Support

Carl Oglesby, World Revolution and American Containment, part 1

Paul Booth, National Administrative Committee Minutes


April 8, 1966 (Vol. 1 No 12)

Reports: Schenley Agrees to Talk (Grape Strike); New York; Lorman, Miss; Milwaukee; Lincoln; Carbondale, Lewisburg, PA; Washington

Paul Booth, National Secretary’s Report, Resolutions for the National Council

Harry Boyte and Sara Evans, Union Organizing at Duke

Carl Oglesby, World Revolution and American Containment, part 2

Judy Kissinger, National Administrative Committee Minutes

Letters:  Steve Kindred, RonTabor, Miles Mogulescu, Bernard Tuchman, Stan Teplick, Electoral Politics; David Strauss, Imprisoned Soviet Writers

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