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SDS Viewpoint (publication of New York SDS, 1964-65)

SDS Bulletin (predecessor to New Left Notes)

New Left Notes Some back issues (Includes Fire)

CAW was a short-lived SDS magazine that published four issues 1968-69 that contained poetry, songs, art, and in-depth articles.
Vol. 1 No. 1 – February 1968
Vol. 1 No. 2 – May 1968 
Vol. 1 No. 3 – Fall 1968  
Special Cuba Supplement – Jan 1969

Radical America An SDS journal of the history of American radicalism - multiple issues, 1967-1992

SDS San Francisco Regional Office - Newsletter

The Movement newspaper (San Francisco Friends of SNCC and SDS publication) - various articles

Port Huron Statement (complete), Students for a Democratic Society, August 1962
Port Huron Statement (complete), text-searchable
Port Huron Statement (excerpts)
Port Huron Statement (Original draft, before it was finalized)
Port Huron Statement Today An illustrated, updated version written by Paul Buhle, April 2012
The Port Huron Statement, 50th anniversary conference University of Michigan, Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2012

SDS membership Card

Student Social Action By Tom Hayden, spring 1962 (PDF)

SDS Constitution Adopted 1962, with subsequent revisions

America and the New Era 1963 (PDF)

An Interracial Movement of the Poor? by Tom Hayden and Carl Wittman, 1963 (PDF)

* SDS National brochure 1963-64

Special Supplement on the December (1963) National Council Meeting Spring 1964

The Care and Feeding of Power Structures by Jack Minnis, 1963 or 1964 (PDF)

Liberal Analysis and Federal Power On civil rights conflicts in the South. by Tom Hayden, late 1963 or early 1964 (PDF)

* Politics 1964--Corporatism and Crisis By Eugene Feingold and Tom Hayden, March 1964

SDS Political Education Project (1964-65):
   Johnson With Eyes Open, by Robb Burlage, 1964 (PDF)
   Goldwaterism: its origin and impact, by Jim Williams, September or October 1964 (PDF)
   Goldwater and the White Backlash, by Tom Kahn, Spring 1964 (PDF)
   1964 Campaign Report (PDF)
   For a New Coalition, by Douglas Ireland and Steve Max, December 25, 1964 (PDF)
   The March on Frankfort: A Study in Protest Organization, by Jim Williams, 1964
   The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party: Background and Recent Developments, by Steve Max, 1965 (PDF)

An extensive SDS archive resides on paper and microfilm at the Wisconsin State Historical Society. None of it has been digitized.

Other locations where some SDS documents are lodged:

NYU Tamiment Library

U Mass Amherst

U of Michigan Library, Labadie Collection

UC Berkeley library

Southern California Library (an independent progressive library in south-central LA)

Center for the Study of Political Graphics, LA

Document collection of Dr. Richard Oestreicher, Associate Professor of History at the University of Pittsburgh

Civil Rights Movement Archive

The Freedom Archives

* Student Action Against American Support of South African Apartheid Peace Research and Education Project of SDS, March 19, 1965

SDS call to students for Anti-war March on Washington April 1965
Flyer for April 1965 Anti-War March on Washington April 1965
Agenda & list of speakers for the April 1965 march
We Must Name the System: Speech to the first anti-war march on Washington (see flyer link, above), by SDS president Paul Potter, April 1965
Video re-enactment, July 26, 2007
Post-march memo Plan of action; no turning back. By Paul Booth and Todd Gitlin, late April 1965
Statement by Paul Potter at SDS National Council meeting after the April anti-war march on Washington, May 1, 1965

* SDS National Convention, announcement and agenda June 9-13, 1965, Camp Maplehurst, Kewadin, Michigan

Call for November 1965 Anti-War March on Washington November 1965

Let Us Shape the Future Speech by Carl Oglesby, March on Washington, November 1965

Democracy Is Nothing If It Is Not Dangerous by Carl Oglesby, 1965

Democracy, Volume 1 An Introduction to SDS 1965

Sex and Caste by Casey Hayden and Mary King, 1965

The New Left Today: Two Years of the "New Era." Working paper for the 1965 SDS national convention, by Jim Williams

Economic Research and Action Project (ERAP)
  * ERAP Volunteer Application Form
  * Institute on Organizing for Social Action
Announcement for training institute held June 7-14, 1965
  * ERAP Fall Report to the National Council
By Rennie Davis, ERAP Director, Fall 1965
  A Short History of ERAP by Richard Rothstein, undated, probably 1965 or 1966
  Chester, PA: A Case Study In Community Organization by Danny Pope, Alain Jehlen, Evan Metcalf, and Cathy Wilkerson, undated, probably 1964 or 1965
  Organizing Poor Whites
by Kim Moody, undated, probably 1964 or 1965
  Chicago: Organizing The Unemployed
by Richard Flacks, April 1964
  ERAP Newsletters:   2/19/1965 
(page 1 only)  7/23/1965  8/14/1965  8/21/1965

* The Grape Society SDS report on the Delano, California grape workers' strike, late 1965 or early 1966

Guide to Conscientious Objection Probably 1966

Wind in the Fields A Report on Farm Labor, published by SDS - San Francisco Regional Office, probably 1966

Resolution on SNCC June 18, 1966

Toward A Student Syndicalist Movement, or University Reform Revisited by Carl Davidson, August 1966

In White America: Liberal Conscience vs. Radical Consciousness By Greg Calvert, February 1967 (PDF)

White Blindspot Essays on Combating White Supremacy and White-Skin Privilege. By Noel Ignatin and Ted Allen, 1967 (PDF)

Toward a Theory of Social Change: The ‘Port Authority Statement’ By David Gilbert, Robert Gottlieb, and Gerry Tenney, 1967 (PDF)

* US Policy Toward China Since World War II Draft Study Guide by Henry Haslach, Jr, Radical Education Project, June 1967

SDS sets out on radical path Report on the 1967 national convention at Ann Arbor. National Guardian, July 15, 1967 (PDF)

CAW!  Issue 1  Issue 2  Issue 3  A political/cultural magazine published through the New York Regional Office of SDS in 1968

SDS: An Introduction SDS pamphlet, 1968 (PDF)

Consumption: Domestic Imperialism A New Left Introduction to the Political Economy of American Capitalism. By David Gilbert, Bob Gottlieb, and Susan Sutheim, January 1968

U.S. Imperialism by David Gilbert and David Loud, March 1968

Don't Mourn, Organize: SDS Guide to Community Organizing May 1968 (39 pages in image format, or large PDF file)

Radicals in the Professions newsletter, November-December 1968

* A History of the New Left, 1960-1968, by James O'Brien, SDS & Radical America. 32-page pamphlet, December 1968

Representative Democracy in SDS by Rich Rothstein. Published 1971 (date of writing not known)

You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows New Left Notes, June 18, 1969

More Weatherman/Weather Underground Organization (WUO) documents

The Real SDS Stands Up Report on the 1969 SDS National Convention and split, by Andrew Kopkind, Hard Times, June 30, 1969 (PDF)

Toward A Revolutionary Women's Militia by Cathy Wilkerson. Excerpted from New Left Notes, July 8, 1969

Bring the War Home! Organizing pamphlet for SDS National Action, Chicago, October 8-11, 1969 (PDF)

The Second Battle of Chicago 1969 A report from the SDS National Action (Days of Rage), published at Grinnell College, Fall 1969


The following 12 articles are collected in Revolutionary Youth & the New Working Class, edited by Carl Davidson, 2011. The collection can be downloaded for $5.00 by clicking here.

  • Praxis and the New Left: From Student Radicalization To Class Consciousness By Bob Gottlieb, Gerry Tenney, and Dave Gilbert, 1967

  • The Multiversity: Crucible of the New Working Class By Carl Davidson

  • The Look Is You: Rising Feminism vs. Mass Media By Naomi Jaffe and Bernadine Dohrn, March 1968

  • Toward a Revolutionary Youth Movement By Mike Klonsky, December 1968

  • The Schools Must Serve the People By SDS National Council, Austin 1969

  • Free Women: Connecting Our Battles to All the Others By Susan Eanet and Anne Goodman

  • Weatherman vs. RYM2: The Debate that Ended SDS By the ‘Weatherman’ and ‘RYM2’ collectives, 1968
    Includes "You Don’t Need a Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows" and two responses: "Revolutionary Youth Movement II (RYM II)" and "Without a Science of Navigation We Cannot Sail in Stormy Seas"

  • Adventurism: A Destructive Disorder By Carl Davidson, 1969

  • Toward a Critical University: Counter-Hegemony in Higher Education By Carl Davidson, 1970

  • In White America: Liberal Conscience vs. Radical Consciousness By Greg Calvert, 1967

  • Toward a Theory of Social Change: The Full Version of the ‘Port Authority Statement’ By Bob Gottlieb, Gerry Tenney, and Dave Gilbert 1967

  • The White Blindspot Documents By Noel Ignatin and Ted Allen 1967

(The last three articles in the list above are also available on this page, above.)

Paul Lauter's Sixties Archive Located on paper at Trinity College, Watkinson Library (special collections), Hartford, CT

Articles by Clayton Van Lydegraf 1967-1973

Radical America An SDS journal of the history of American radicalism. This magazine was begun by the SDS Radical Education Project in 1967 but continued to 1999. Most issues available here.

Looking Back on the Seattle Conspiracy Trial (1970), by Roger Lippman, 1990

Notes from an SDS Re-Union by Michael Rossman, 1977

FBI Cointelpro files on SDS

The Bosses' Songbook Part 1  Part 2 (7 MB PDF files) "Songs to Stifle the Flames of Discontent." This Trotskyite-tinged parody of "The People's Songbook" is a collection of modern political songs of satire. Collected and edited by Dave Van Ronk and Richard Ellington, 1959. These songs were written and passed along by people of every conceivable political and apolitical tendency, and sometimes they don't even express the serious views of the writers themselves. Often they poke fun at the ruling classes, be they capitalist or Soviet.

The following pamphlets and documents are provided as scanned images, saved in Word files. They are fairly large. Click here for access. If that link doesn't work, copy the following address to your browser address line:

  • SDS Membership Application 1965-66

  • SDS Membership Brochure 1964-65

  • SDS Membership Card 1963-64

  • SDS Membership Card 1965-66

  • ERAP Membership Application 1965

  • Robb Burlage, “This is War? An Analysis of the War of Poverty with Special Emphasis on Appalachia” (SDS 1964?)

  • Boston SDS Newsletter “New World” including articles by Doug Ireland, Barbara Easton & Joe Persky (Boston SDS 1964)

  • David Arnold, “Vietnam: Symptom of a World Malaise” (SDS/PREP1964) (originally published by the Fellowship of Reconciliation, May 1964)

  • Christopher Hobson, “Vietnam: Which Way Out?" (SDS/PREP 1965) (originally published in Venture, Winter 1964-65)

  • Carl Ogelsby, “The Vietnam War: World Revolution and American Containment” (SDS April 1965)

  • Carl Wittman, “Seminar on Marxism” (SDS 1965?)

  • Eric Levine, “The Berkeley Free Speech Controversy” (SDS 1965)

  • Barry Bluestone, “Notes on Campus Program” (UMSEU/VOICE-SDS 1965)

  • Paul Booth, “A Strategy for University Reform” (SDS 1965?)

  • Shelley Bloom, “University Reform” (SDS 1965?)

  • David Wegman, MD, “A Radical Doctor and the Dilemmas of Medical Practice” (Prepared for the July 1967 Conference on Radicals in the Professions, Ann Arbor)

  • Mike Zweig, “The Radical in the Academic World” (Prepared for the July 1967 Conference on Radicals in the Professions, Ann Arbor)

  • “Radicals in the Professions: Selected Papers” (REP/SDS October 1967)

  • Vernon Grizzard, “Summer 1968: Possibilities for New Local Organizing”  (SDS? Spring 1968)

  • Chuck Levenstein, “Democratic National Convention” (SDS? Spring 1968)

  • Nick Egleson, “Anguish and Politics” (in Paper Tiger, 1967-68)

  • Paper Tiger, issues 2 through 5, November 1967 - April 1968, published by (mostly) older Boston-area SDS members. Issue 5 was the final one. (PDF)

Archives of some significant alternative/underground newspapers:

 * Articles above marked with an asterisk are courtesy of the Civil Rights Movement Archive, where many more can be found (though not about SDS).

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